Word of the Day:Take a stand for what you believe in


Having the ability to take a stand is a very important trait that any person must possess.We as human beings are not perfect. When it comes to character, no single person can claim to possess all the good traits. Some people are honest; others are dishonest. Some are faithful others are unfaithful and some decisive while others are indecisive. Where do you fall?

In regards to being decisive or not, among all your friends, there is bound to be one who is always so easily swayed by the currents. One who is always sitting on the fence and falls to the side where the weight seems to be more. Now, among your friends, who is the grey area, is it that other friend or is it you?

It is always good to be able to take a stand for what you believe in. Always noble to have your own foundation and much better to have the ability to do what you believe is right. Only follow others when you have thought through where you are headed to. Sometimes the crowd is bound to mislead you and the only way to be sure that you are on the right path Is to try your best to always think before you leap.

Luke 21:19:By standing firm you will gain life…


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