Makueni residents now want Mutula Kilonzo Junior to vie for senate seat


Makueni residents now want Mutula Kilonzo Junior to vie for senate seat

Makueni, Kenya: Makueni residents now want Mutula Kilonzo junior to contest the senate seat left vacant by his late father Mutula Kilonzo.

This follows the high court decision to uphold the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s verdict to bar Kethi kilonzo, his sister, from the race over her controversial voter registration status.

News of the court ruling on Kethi’s eligibility to contest the seat was received with mixed reactions, with the residents criticising the court’s verdict to rule out her candidature.

On the other hand, the residents expressed joy over the court’s verdict to grant the Wiper party a lee way to nominate another candidate on grounds that the party may not have been aware of Kethi’s registration status at the time of nomination.

Soon after the court’s verdict, residents from Mbooni constituency, who spoke to The Standard, said they wanted Mutula Junior given the Wiper ticket to contest the seat.

At Wote town, residents who had flocked hotels and other entertainment places to follow the court’s ruling on television said Kilonzo junior is now their choice for senator.

Makueni deputy governor also said the ticket should be given to Kilonzo junior so that the seat remains in Mbooni.

“If possible, this ticket should be accorded to Mutula junior so we can have it remain in Mbooni and within the Mutula family. We hope the Wiper party will make the best decision,” she said.

“It is also important that Kilonzo Junior gets this seat as a way of wiping tears from the Mutula family over the loss of their father and also to console Kethi over her nomination revocation,” she said.

Mwau said the court’s verdict to accord the Wiper party an opportunity to nominate another candidate was a win for the party.

“I know wiper and CORD will win this seat. This is a CORD zone and you expect nothing less than a win for CORD,” she said.

Wiper Chairman David Musila said the party would consult with the people of Makueni over the choice of the best candidate because the seat belongs to them.

“We shall make sure we comply with the court’s order. On the choice of a candidate, we shall consult with the people of Makueni so they can give us the best candidate. This seat belongs to them,” he said.

Jubilee candidate Prof Phillip Kaloki said he is prepared to take on the candidate the Wiper party nominates.

“I would have wished Kethi to be in the race because I would have beaten her to it. Now that she won’t be there, I am prepared for any other candidate the party nominates,” he

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