Rush Limbaugh Says that Obama was in Kenya,Gave us $7 Billion

CALLER:  Good listening to you.  Rush, the man wants to shut down our coal plants, our coal digging, everything. But yet he unveiled Sunday a $7 billion paid for US taxpayer money to power Africa for hydro-wind solar power.  It just doesn’t makes sense.  I mean, we can’t even open up the White House to the kids, but we can spend $7 billion on taxpayer money in Africa.

RUSH:  Yeah, you are so right about this.  Here are the details.  Obama, as you know, is in Africa on a new $60 million to $100 million vacation.  Well, he’s actually has some official business as well.  Now, while he was in Kenya, he did two things.  The first thing he did in Kenya… Well, I don’t know if chronologically.  But one of the two things he did in Kenya was to give them a speech about how they need to “modernize” and accept gay marriage.  Now, obviously that speech was intended for US domestic consumption.

The idea was to keep gay campaign money pouring in.  So he goes to Kenya, makes a speech there designed to be heard in America, “Wow! Look, man! Our president, he’s really great. He’s going around the world now selling gay marriage. This is really our guy. Okay, we gotta keep funding this guy.”  But he nevertheless he did it in Kenya.  He tried to sell ’em on getting with it and legalizing gay marriage.  The deputy president of Kenya is named William Ruto, and William Ruto yesterday urged Obama to essentially be

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