Video rooms in Kiminini allowing children to watch pornographic movies

Video rooms in Kiminini allowing children to watch pornographic movies 

Video rooms in Kiminini allowing children to watch pornographic movies MORE than 50 schoolgoing children were yesterday evening arrested by administration police in Kiminini constituency, Trans Nzoia County in an operation that saw closure of five unlicensed video show outlets. Reports indicated the children were found watching pornographic movies. Trans Nzoia county deputy county commissioner George Ochieng who led the crack down, said majority of the video rooms have been admitting under age children, who he said, ought to be studying. “We will not allow our children to watch things that erode their morals. Our effort is to ensure all video rooms follow stipulated rules and do not sell cigarettes or alcohol to our children,” he said.

He said the ongoing teachers’ strike has favoured the proprietors of entertainment facilities who have used the opportunity to make extra money by allowing children in their premises. Ochieng said his office would not relent on its efforts to shut down bars and video show rooms that admit children and those operating without licences. He said the rooms are not well lit and ventilated, adding it is dangerous especially for young girls who risk being raped. Runaway crime Recent surge in insecurity was largely perpetuated by such social facilities that he said is used by criminals as hiding place. The county deputy commissioner urged parents and guardians to take responsibility as majority of children are engaging in unwanted habits like alcohol consumption that will ruin their lives. “Let us take responsibility and prevent any disasters.

We don’t want cases of early pregnancies,” he said. At the same time, the National Media Monitoring Committee has called on the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) to draw up legislation that will effectively regulate content online, especially pornography which it says is a big threat to the youth. Olewe Owiti, acting director of information, told journalists the committee is open to the idea of radicalising legislation-


Video rooms in Kiminini allowing children to watch pornographic movies

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