Kenya, Nigeria To Sign Immigration Agreement


Kenya and Nigeria are set to sign an all inclusive immigration agreement to govern the movement of their citizens.

According to the Nigerian High Commissioner Akin Oyateru, the agreement will be signed during the upcoming visit by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on the 5th of September 2013.


The agreement will include a review of extradition laws aimed at avoiding diplomatic standoffs between the two countries.


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This agreement has been spearheaded after Kenyan officials were held by Nigerian authorities during the extradition of controversial businessman Antony Chinedu.


The diplomat who was speaking for the first time since the diplomatic standoff occasioned by the extradition of Chinedu said Nigeria was not to blame for the standoff as Kenya failed to follow due process.


The High Commissioner has however said the signing of this agreement will govern the movement of people of the two countries and will also include laying down extradition procedures.
By Beth Nyaga

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