SOS From Kenyan Students in Cuba


Hello to Kenyans Diaspora leaders.
First I would like to report to you that 7 kenyans graduated this year in different
schools in cuba . While 7 graduated, the rest of the students perfomed very
well in there areas and all passed there exams successfull . One thing
that we learn in cuba is hard work pays.
One of the kenyan in cuba lost her parent last week and we were all with
her during her hard time. she is from kisumu county. We just hope that she
will be fine.
I write on behalf of the kenyas in Cuba who are in need for help from the
diaspora leaders. the canadian embassy that is responsible for us are not
helping at all. most of the kenyans studying in cuba are from poor
families and that was the reason why we got the cuban scholarship. we have
been surviving from the govt stipend since we came here. the government
stopped giving stipend to us two years ago and the kenyans here are really
suffering . we cant work in Cuba and things are very expensive . The
students are asking for help in the following areas:

-To help us communicate with the cabinet secretary or to the permanent
secretary in charge of education
-To help us communicate with our MPs about bursaries.

We really need you help,we have been asking the govt to give us loans or
bursary for now two years in vain .
All of us are o.k with the govt loans and even working for the govt when
we graduate .
Below is one of the letters from the embassy

By Vincent [email protected]

— Original Message —
Date: 8/1/2013
From: “Victor N.” <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Kind request

Dear Patrick,

Receive warm greetings from Ottawa and thanks for your email. As you
know, the Government discontinued partial bursaries to all Kenyan
students studying abroad without any exception. However, knowing the
uniqueness of your situation, and having been to Cuba after the policy
change, we have put a strong case in your favour but, we have not yet
received any response so far.

As we continue to engage with the relevant Government authorities, it
must be appreciated that Government bursaries are not a right but rather
a privilege which no one can put a substantive claim on. Nevertheless,
we have gone out of our way to persistently request Nairobi to
favourably consider your situation. While it may have taken longer than
expected, we urge all the students to be patient and await for a
feedback. In the meantime, we will be more than willing to facilitate
any form of assistance from your parents/ guardians in Kenya and
especially financial assistance.

Kindly inform all the students that if any of their parents are willing
and capable of sending the money, let them go to the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, America’s Division, where they can be guided on how they can
send the money from the Ministry to our Mission at no fee, after which
we can transmit the money to your end. To further facilitate faster and
efficient remittance of the same, students are encouraged to apply for
TRANSCARD which is locally available in CUba which we can use to send
the money from Ottawa.

Otherwise, we will keep you posted as soon as we get any response.


Victor Musembi
Kenya High Commission

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