Why former PM Raila Odinga should acquire a media house

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The media play a very important role in the electoral process especially during campaign periods, voting and tallying of election results.

The media is known worldwide to have built or destroyed personalities such as celebrities, politicians, businessmen or women among others.

So, whoever is keen and serious to become Kenyan’s future president must set up a media empire.

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If you own a media institution, it will always highlight your political achievements, your vision and mission for the country, your economic blueprint and agenda for the nation.

Kenyans and indeed the world watched Raila Odingalamenting that local media were giving CORD news blackouts during the tallying of 2013 presidential election results.

This lamentation by the Cord leader reminded me of an attempt several years ago by a group of prominentmedia personalities from the lake region urging him to own a media empire .

The duo approached Raila and requested him to start a weekly newspaper and a TV station to counter the negative publicity and propaganda that were then peddled by a section the media.

When Raila ventured into politics in early 1990s, themedia were not friendly to him; they kept on reminding us of 1982 coup.

If Jakom still wants to go on with politics, he should think seriously on starting a TV station and a serious newspaper. He can as well buy the existing ones.

The writer is a media consultant and student of law

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