Inspector General is responsible for the Westgate Mall disaster

Inspector General is responsible for the Westgate Mall disaster
An immediate legal action should be taken against the
Inspector General of the Kenya police, following the
senseless attack of the innocent people at the West gate
Mall in Kenya.
The Inspector General was aware and he knew about the
entire plan of the attack at the Mall, prior to the
attack. According to the new Kenya Constitution he was
the only one having the powers to execute the orders to
stop the heinous attack of the Mall, not the Kenya
President; not the Kenya Secretary to the Cabinet, Mr.
Francis Kimemia; not the Kenya head of the NIS, Major
Genera Michael Gichangi and not the Kenya head of the
CID, Mr. Ndegwa Muhoro.
President Uhuru Kenyatta does not also have the powers to
fire or to discipline the Inspector General. According to
the Constitution, Kenya Parliament is the only organ in
Kenya that has the mandate and authority to discipline and
/or to fire the Inspector General of Police in Kenya.
Three months before the attack of the Mall, Nairobi Senator
Mr. Mike Sonko, did all he could to stop the attacks after
he was approached by two ladies who had all the information
about the attacks. “Attacking Members of the National
Intelligence Service (NIS), Sonko told the House that
after getting the information from the two women, he
assisted them to record their statements with the Police
and the Intelligence officers for further action”.
“It also emerged that Kimemia chaired the National
Security Advisory Committee (NSAC) meeting where the
National Intelligence Service (NIS) says it provided
information on the impending attack at the Mall”.
Inspector General of the Kenya Police, Mr. David Mwole
Kimaiyo is part of the Security Committee and therefore he
got all the information of the attack when the NIS
explained about the impending attack in the meeting. Mr.
David Mwole Kimaiyo should be held responsible for all
those who died in the attack, all those who were injured
in the attack and the collapse of the Westgate Mall.
The Kenya Parliament should convene an emergency meeting
to discuss Mr Kimaiyo and if any negligence is determined
on his part as the Inspector General of the Kenya Police,
he should be prosecuted and jailed.
If the Kenya Parliament fails to act on the Inspector
general for his negligence, the Kenya Government should be
ready and be prepared to compensate all the foreigners who
died in the attack, and also pay for medical treatment of
all those foreigners who were injured in the attack.
Isaac Newton Kinity.


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