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Murdered intelligent boy was sexually hyperactive, loved older women

The father of the intelligent KCSE boy allegedly killed by his older lover has said his son was sexually hyperactive.

Peter Kabala said he had warned his son several times about the dangers of having many sexual partners but his advice fell on deaf ears.

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“At his age, boys tend to have many women in their lives. The hormones are very active, but I had warned him,” he said.

The 21-year-old former Alliance High School boy was allegedly murdered by his 34-year-old lover on the Sunday night of October 6.

Leah Muthoni allegedly stabbed Adrian five times in the neck when she found her with another woman.

Muthoni, a nurse at the Kikuyu Hospital, had found Adrian at about 3am with a woman identified as Sara and said to be in her late 20s.

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His father Kabala admitted his son had been seeing many women. He was also aware that the younger Kabala and his lover had quarreled over his promiscuity and tried to discourage him from entering into relationships with older women.

“I disapproved of their relationship (with Muthoni) because I thought it wasn’t the right thing and even talked to Leah to end it, but she was unwilling,” he said.

Investigations have begun into the murder of the intelligent KCSE boy.

Adrian had scored straight A’s in KCSE and was waiting to join Kenyatta University to study architecture.

He was living in Muthoni’s house just a few metres from his parents’.

On the night of his murder, Adrian was with Sara in the same apartment block, just two homes away from Muthoni’s house.

Muthoni is said to have got into the house and killed Adrian before she attacked and stabbed Sara once in the hand.

According to the Daily Nation, a caretaker at the apartment, Charles Kimani, said he heard a loud wail coming from the house and shortly thereafter, saw Muthoni running after Sara.

She failed to catch up with her and gave up the chase.

Meanwhile, Muthoni called Kabala’s cousin, Leonne, to inform him about what had just happened.

“Before I could say anything, Muthoni told me: ‘It was either I die or he dies’”.

On his Facebook page, the last post by Adrian was when he changed his cover picture and uploaded a picture of Muthoni on September 16.

Kabala’s father, Peter Kabala, received the news from his security man.

He described Kabala as a very social person, a fast learner and a man of many talents.

A third woman in Adrian’s love life is a maritime engineering student at Jomo Kenyatta University. She claimed that Adrian had been her boyfriend of four years. They had met as secondary school students during the national drama festivals in Mombasa in 2009 and the two had a one-year-old son.

She said they broke off their relationship only three weeks after their child was born because she discovered that he was seeing


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