Kiambu County To Set Up The Largest Film City in Africa


Kiambu county is famous for all the wrong reasons,murder,sects,beastiality,alcohalism name it.But we could be seeing something positive coming from this county.After Alfred Mutua brought us Machawood now Kiambu is putting up its very own motion picture city.

The Kiambu government has entered into a joint venture with the Film Village of Kenya to promote talent within the movie industry

The governor had this to say this in a press release:

We have signed a memorandum with the The Film Village of Kenya and together we will be looking for investors to put up a Film City in Kiambu. 

We hope this move will serve as a catalyst for change within the County’s Film industry and will lead to fairer levels of employment for our youth in front of and behind the cameras.

Kiambu Government is keen to promote the creative industries and will put adequate mechanism in place to nurture the music and art talent within the country and facilitate the development of a vibrant County’s film and television industry.

We will work closely with film stakeholders, other government agencies, private organizations, professional bodies and associations in the film industry to ensure the development of a robust local film industry and promote Kiambu as the preferred destination for film production in

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