Cord shifted posts on media bill and JSC

Cord MPs could be applying double standards on national issues and taking contradictory position in and outside Parliament. For the last four days, Cord MPs have been boxing their colleagues from the Jubilee side over the decision by President Uhuru Kenyatta to establish a tribunal to investigate the conduct of six members of the Judicial Service Commission.

The Cord MPs have also been protesting over the draconian provisions in the Kenya Information and Communications Amendment Bill saying it is an attempt by Kenyatta’s government to gag the media.

But a closer look of the Parliament’s Hansard reveals that the same Cord MPs supported the creation of a tribunal to probe the JSC six and also backed the KICA bill during debate on the floor of the House.

During the debate on November 11 on the JSC petition, Augustino Neto Cord MP for Ndhiwa said “there has been a violation of the Constitution and that is why we recommend that the President forms a tribunal to investigate the members of the JSC.”

Homa Bay Town Cord MP George Kaluma while supporting creation of the tribunal said JSC was “spitting in the face of the representatives of the people.” Kitui East Cord MP Mutua Muluri while supporting tribunal said it was “the first step towards rooting out corruption in this country.”

Luanda Cord MP Chris Omulele while supporting said there is “clear contravention of the express provision of the Judicial Service Act,” by the six JSC members.

On the Media Bill, during the debate, Cord MPs failed to register their opposition to the bill and it was easily passed by the House with not dissent.

While backing the amendments to the bill at its final stage on the floor of the House, Rarieda Cord MP Nicholas Gumbo said the proposed law was aimed at ensuring “quality of service” in the media industry. “This is a good Bill, and it is going to improve telecommunications in the country. I support the Bill,” he said.


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