Inspiration:Act of being whole-Wholeness means not being broken

Inspiration:Act of being whole-Wholeness means not being broken
“For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole”. (Mark 5:28, KJV).

I have read this scripture many times, but every time I read it, and depending on where I am in my spiritual walk with the Lord, who I am surrounded by and what spiritual battles I am fighting, it always brings such a powerful and transforming message to alter and change everything for the glory of God. I was in the kitchen making myself a cup of Kenyan tea as I talked to a friend on the phone. From the conversation, which involved number topics, my friend said something that caught my attention, “the world might not celebrate you, and be happy with who you have become or who you are becoming”. Before I hang up the phone, I just had said to my friend that I was having a hard time deciding what in my to-do list for the day should come first. I had a few things lined up for the day and I did not quite know which of these was to come first. So as I sat down finishing my cup of tea and trying to figure out what next, I suddenly had this still small voice inside, with an overwhelming sense of calm descending upon me, that I knew could have not come from me or any other power, but the power of God. This voice said, “Do you want to be made whole?” For a moment I thought, “where did that one come from, was this referring to my indecision of what needed to be accomplished first that day? Secondly, I said to myself, “Wait a minute, I am whole”. It took several hours as the Spirit of God led me in a journey of my own life to realize areas where I needed wholeness. I needed wholeness in making a decision on what needed to be done. Now you might ask, “Does God care?” Does he get involved in our daily to-do lists? The answer, my friend, is “Yes, he does”. God is pleased when we have peace in what we are doing.


Wholeness means not being broken, damaged or impaired. It means having all the components of what is needed to make something/our lives complete. In life it is easy to convince ourselves that we are whole and lack nothing. But when we are sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we are able to hear him in the midst of our daily activities. He uses the struggles we face in these activities as a tool which God speaks to us about what is missing in our lives. Wholeness therefore speaks of a state of mindset that has been transformed by the power of the living God. It is a mind that has been fully convinced and persuaded towards the things of God and who God is in our lives.


Why is being whole crucial in your life as a child of God? The Bible story in Mark 5:28 talks about a woman that was created in God’s image, and had every right to be whole, but was not because she had been impaired by a sickness. Now realize that an impairment in your life can cause your whole life to be out of order and rendering you not whole and incomplete. This woman had suffered for many years. Doctors had no cure for her; society had a name for her, “woman with an issue of blood”; she was the untouchable; she could not freely mix or mingle, and she was a religious outcast. Because in the Jewish religious tradition suffering was for sinners, their interpretation of those suffering in society was, “you deserved it, you must have sinned or your ancestors must have sinned and you are paying for it.” You see this in John 9:2 “And his disciples asked him, saying, Teacher, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?Jesus answered, “It was not that thisman sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him. (NAS) Child of God, if you have lived long enough on earth like me, you have been in situations where you have been blamed for your own pain even when you had no power to change the outcome or had done your best and your best was not enough. Maybe church folks have treated and inflicted more pain on you than the pain you are already going through by their reaction to what you are in now. They have judged, condemned, kicked you, and have put you in a place where they are saying, “you caused it, you deserve it, you were unwise, or you were not humble”. In others words all they are saying to you is, “DEAL with it on your own, it is your problem”. But notice Jesus’ answer to the disciples, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.” Here is your answer to your accusers, here is the answer to those that are mocking you, and blaming you for your pain and struggle: Your struggles and pain are stirring up God’s power into display.


The woman knew that she was not whole. Not only was she sick, she was tormented by it, she was to stay excluded and if found in public she risked being stoned to death. You might be going through a hardship as you read this, and you might be saying “not only am I broke, I am being tormented by it, I am sick in my physical body, I am hungry because being sick as am I cannot work, and I cannot do what needs to be done”. Friend, one assignment from the demonic world to your life can cause your world to tumble down. But Jesus is waiting for you; he has always been there, silently waiting for you to reach to him in prayer. As you do, he notices your faith and stops his world for you, and says, “Who is this that is praying a unique prayer, who is this crying a unique cry, and who is this running to me in a unique speed?” Friend, the Lord Jesus specializes in taking you out of the box that human beings have put you in. He removes the shame and guilt. He removes pain and agony, and he does so that his power displayed in your circumstances will bring glory to him and draw many to him. The first step in resolving any existing problem in our lives is admitting that you have a problem and need help. The woman with an issue of blood realized this and went looking for this help no matter what.


Once we admit that we need to be whole by indentifying the areas in our lives that are crippled, we have to develop a strong desire to go and get the help we need. These areas could be a broken relationship, a marriage you got into knowing it was not going to work, but you got in anyway, a sickness, an addiction, self sabotaging thoughts, impure thoughts, impure motives, manipulation and ungodly control. We have to desire to get help whether that help demands us going to God in prayer and fasting till transformation comes, calling a friend and letting them know that you are going through a painful situation, or you have lived in that particular situation for years and want to be delivered restored and set free, and be made whole because you have grown tired of things as they are. The only person that can help you first even before our heavenly father does so is “you”. He clearly expects an action from you; it is not enough to know what to do, you have to do it. This reminds me of what he says in his word” James 4:8 “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”.


This week ask the Lord or allow God to speak to you about the areas of your life that need wholeness. It could be wholeness for a particular decision on your to-do list. Maybe it is wholeness in your finances, physical body, or your relationships. Whatever that area might me, ask the Lord to bring wholeness into it. Maybe it is your emotions, maybe you are emotionally broken, or you feel rejected, abandoned and forgotten; call out to God for he will hear you. His name is a strong tower; the righteous like you run to it and are saved. He will make you whole, nothing missing or broken in your life. Know that in whatever situation you are in, you are not alone. Stop playing small because God is bigger than the mountain you are facing now. Stop allowing self pity to be your companion, but rather allow the Spirit of the living God to saturate you now. Forget the past, knowing that your past is not who you are, but it is what has helped you become who you are becoming.

“For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole”. (Mark 5:28, KJV)

Till next time, let the power of God flow though you to bring alignment into your whole life in this Holiday Season. You can reach me by calling +1-408-833-06456, send me an email at “[email protected]”, connect on face book or twitter or you can visit our website at “

By Evangelist Isabella

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