Bensouda: Ruto Should Not Get Blanket Excusal

WHAT IS WRONG WITH BENSOUDA?The Prosecutor says receiving dignitaries and opening of roads should not be considered as extra ordinary duties to allow Ruto not attend the proceedings.


Bensouda further states that “the request fails to detail the types of duties that Mr Ruto will need to perform that would qualify as “extraordinary” or to justify why Mr Ruto and no other person is required to carry them out.”


In the written submissions to the Chamber, Bensouda said that a blanket excusal would be in direct contrast to the principle of equal treatment.


Bensouda further says that even if the rule was interpreted to give a blanket excusal, it could not be given effect because it would be inconsistent with the statute.


Bensouda was responding to Ruto’s request for an unlimited excusal from attendance at trial.


Deputy President William Ruto is facing crimes against humanity charges at The Hague.


He is scheduled to travel back to the Hague on the 16th January 2013 for the resumption of his trial


By  Wangui

Bensouda: Ruto Should Not Get Blanket Excusal

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