Comedian Nyambane lands a lucrative job in Government –


Friday, January 24, 2014 – Legendary comedian, Walter Mongare, popularly known as Nyambane, has landed a job as the head of Communication and Information with Kisii County Government.

Last year, rumours were rife that he had gone broke and his property had been confiscated by auctioneers.
Even as court documents ordering his property to be confiscated leaked, he vehemently denied the allegations blaming his haters for spreading the rumours.
He was also accused of massive corruption during his tenure at Kenya’s State Broadcaster, KBC. It was alleged that he colluded with his fellow managers at the station to corruptly award tenders to non-competent companies.
However, he has finally gotten reprieve after Kisii Governor, James Ongwae, appointed him together with other media personalities to lead his Communication and Public Relations team.

Sources indicate that he has already started working and he is even organizing an investment meeting for the Governor in the USA through his Investment Consultancy Firm.


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