Peculiar Kenyan responses on social media

Difference between a foreign post and a Kenyan post :There is a joke on Kenyan peculiarities doing its rounds on social media. It is titled, “The difference between a foreign post and a Kenyan post on a thread”. The comparison is between how a Kenyan and foreign audience would respond to a simple distress query on a Facebook post.

Generally, in most parts of the world when one asks for advice, people are inclined to empathise with your situation and respond with their version of sound advice. When the update reads; “help, I woke up with a headache.”  The kind of responses one would hope to see on the thread would be:  Sorry to hear that.

Have you tried some aspirin? Take some rest, babes, it is the January weather.  Take lots of water and call in sick: Do you need anything sweets?: It might be wise to consult a doctor. Don’t let the pain weigh you down. Stay positive”.

The same request posted on a Kenyan page would elicit a very different level of response: “So what: I know this doctor who cures headaches pap, inbox ur digits: U must b an alcoholic: Am looking for quail eggs. Focus on God and pray. He will deliver u from your pain”. Hey, we have issues. Somethings are exclusively Kenyan.

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