Rutto Under Fire From Rift Valley Leaders

A section of parliamentarians from Rift Valley region have criticised Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto over his attacks on Deputy President William Ruto for allegedly frustrating devolution.

The MPs from Ruto’s URP party are accusing Isaac Rutto, who is also the Governors’ Council chair, of disrespecting the Deputy President in a bid to settle political scores.

The Rift Valley region leaders welcomed the appointment of Dr. Julius Kones to head the National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation.

Kericho Senator Charles Keter, Bomet senator Wilfred Lessan, Ainamoi Mp Benjamin Langat and Sotik’s Joyce Laboso were speaking during a media briefing at parliament buildings.

‘Sentiments of the Bomet governor Rutto are his alone, we as Rift Valley leaders are fully behind the Deputy President and support Kones’ appointment,’ said Laboso.

‘I want to caution my governor on his style of leadership. There has been no consultation in Bomet on leadership, so let him not preach what he doesn’t do,’ said Bomet Senator Rotich.

The Bomet governor has accused William Ruto of disrespecting governors and inciting County Assembly representatives and senators to frustrate them and devolution and asked the president to rein on his deputy.

By Maureen Murimi

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