Wednesday, April 24, 2024

My Kenyan Dream-The future is bright

The future is bright. Brighter than we imagine. And, I have a dream;
That come 2030, a just Kenya that not only listens but attends to the cries of the voiceless will come to birth,if not sooner.
I have a dream, that ‪Kenyans‬ will stop suffering in silence and settling for impossibilities.
I have a dream, that the Kenyans in the diaspora will have more praises,blessings and not curses for their country; because the nation will take care of its citizens, and they will be proud flag bearers.
I have a dream, that government officials will not be blinded by their positions and forget about the people they so represent.
I have a dream, that Kenya will be a country full of people minded leaders, and not power and wealth driven individuals who will not mind having fat bank accounts at the expense of the needy.
I see a Kenya, where credit will be given where it is due, regardless of the position one holds in the society.
I have a dream, that we are heading to an era of less promises and more actions, as compared to the empty and broken promises that leave Kenyans in tears, pain and regrets.
I have a dream, my Kenyan dream.
I am ‪‎Proudly Kenyan‬ and ‪‎Nothing is Impossible‬.
East, West, Kenya is the best.
In the end of my term here on earth, it will not count what the government of Kenya did not do for me, but what I did to make it better.
I might not benefit from it, but the next generation will.
Yet it is still my dream, that Kenya as a whole, will realize the benefits of investing in the education of its own sons and daughters, for they are the nation builders of tomorrow; And the future will indeed be bright, it is already bright, for you and for me, for Kenya, for Africa and for the world at large.
The future is bright.

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