US courses that land handsome pay check


jobKenyans who intend to study in the US and have a passion for engineering may not be disappointed after they graduate.

The jobs are in high demand and the pay is worth looking forward to while in the four year educational sojourn.

According to the January 2014 Survey of the National Association of Colleges and Students, a new graduate in the field of Petroleum Engineering earned an average starting salary of $97,000 (KSh8,245,000) a year.

Computer Engineering is second at $70,900 (KSh6, 026,500) for a new graduate. The gap between Petroleum Engineering and the second highest earner for the class of 2013 is $27,000 (KSh2,295,000) a year.


Chemical Engineering follows at $67,500 (KSh5, 737,500). However, these high paying jobs come at a steep cost.

According to the US Department of Education 2012-2013 IPEDS survey, the average annual out of state cost for a Bachelor program in Petroleum Engineering is $31,488 (KSh2,676,480) with an estimated four year degree total cost of $125,952 (KSh10,705,920).

Texas A & M University College Station awards approximately 135 degrees per year making it the most popular Bachelor program for Petroleum Engineering in the US.

Annual out-of-state cost for Chemical Engineering averages $38,839 (KSh3, 301,315) with an estimated four year degree total cost of $155,356 (Ksh13, 205, 260).

The most popular bachelor program for this course is University of Michigan Ann Arbor which awards about 142 degrees per year.

Job seekers attend a job fair at the College of Engineering at the University of the Philippines in Manila on January 16, 2014.

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