Am Kenyan but love Ukrain-My prayer for Ukraine


I love Ukraine.

It is a great country, with great people. Unlike my country with 40+ tribes, Ukraine has only two languages(Ukrainian and Russian); spoken by 99% of the citizens. This a great tool, to be used in uniting the people (My opinion). I remember the story of the tower of babel, the people had a common language and even God acknowledged that nothing would be impossible for a people with one language who are committed to get  something done. It is the same for Ukraine, nothing will be impossible for them to achieve, if they come together and agree to move forward.

The media has it,  Ukraine is breaking. However, I believe that it is well with Ukraine. That all the fighting will come to an end and the Ukrainians will be united and stand as one. I am so concerned, because the peace of Ukraine is my peace, and the peace of any foreigner in Ukraine, and of course the Ukrainians too. When the country is at war so many things fall out of place, and we are greatly affected; having it in mind this is a foreign country. I wrote a prayer, for Ukraine. Sharing my concerns with them, and my best wishes for them.  Below is the English version of my piece;



My lovely Ukraine, my home away from home; How will I be at peace?

How will I not be concerned about you, Ukraine; How will I not be disturbed?

How? How?

6 years ago, I was hurt, my heart bled.

My motherland, was at war; The unbelievable and unthinkable happened

The whole nation cried; Innocent blood was shed, precious lives were lost

The voiceless and powerless succumbed, as the powerful rose to glory.

It was sad, it was painful, and the memories will never fade away.


My dear Ukraine,

The eruption of the Euromaidan clashes reminded me of this,

Protesters gave their lives for the freedom of others;

Innocent blood again, precious lives lost

And I said in my heart, enough is enough; I don’t want to see this, not around me again! I do not wish bloodshed for any nation, not for my country, not  for Ukraine.

Though with fear inside me, I prayed, and I still pray for Ukraine


As elections approach, my dear Ukraine

My heart skips a beat, it wearies me

Will you allow any more divisions?

Will you make the best choices, and not sell out your votes?

Will you be blinded by propaganda? Will you always have peace at the back of your mind? And will peace still be the point of focus for you?

My dearest Ukraine, will it?


My dearest Ukraine, your peace is my peace.

My greatest joy, will be to see you stand as one

Make the best choices, not because someone paid you to

But because you care for the future

Vote not for those who are hungry for power

But for those who are fighting for change

Vote for those, who have the citizen’s interest at heart, who’ll bring Ukrainians together rather than divide them.

Vote for those who’ll steer the country to greater heights, and nothing less.

Vote wisely, my dearest Ukraine, for it will have a lasting impact on the future of this country.

Your vote is your voice, as you choose, so will you be represented.

And remember, without peace, life is meaningless, and we can never move forward.  So, vote for peace.

For the future is bright, we must not darken it with the choices we make today.



How will I not love Ukraine, how will I not pray for you?

I am so grateful to you, for financing my studies, words are not enough.

And my prayer for Ukraine, is that peace will reign, and the country prosper from glory to glory.

That God will reign and be honored above all in this nation.

That peace will be a permanent resident of Ukraine; and war will be history; dead and Gone! Only Peace, love, unity, and more peace.



By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor




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