Inspiring :Comedian Obinna Rags To Riches Story

The pains and the struggles of every success story make an inspiring read and every now and then we look up to our successful role models to keep going.

For top comedian, Obinna Ike Igwee, his story is nothing short of inspiring. Through his Facebook page, the OffSide co host, took time to thank God for the far He has brought him and shared his rags to riches story.

Here’s what the post read

“God am grateful for this far you have brought me. Am grateful for all I have..I remember once I couldn’t pay rent for 3000/- ,I remember once I couldn’t pay fare to town for 40/- ,I remember once I couldn’t sleep peacefully coz of bedbugs,I remember once I couldn’t afford 3 meals in a day, I remember once I was at Industrial Area making Plastic,Offloading 90kgz maize bags from Lorries,I remember once I used to sleep in a Kiosk somewhere in Majengo, I remember when nobody knew me in This City and now I have atleast 50,000 people paying attention when I speak, I remember being an office messenger somewhere in westlands,I remember hitting rock bottom and even tried to end my life not once not twice but you still managed to bring me through coz you had a purpose for me and I hadn’t yet done it. You brought me through all these to bless me with 3 beautiful beings as my seeds, 3 different jobs,3 modes of transport,3 meals a day,3 rooms to choose where I’d sleep, 3 awards last year and I know in 3 years to come I’d have 3 billion reasons to continue praising you. Thanks for all these blessings. To others I’m a nobody but it’s only me who knows how far you have brought me. Im not perfect but i will try to the best of my ability to be a good father,mentor,husband,son and impact positivity in peoples lives.My life will Testify for your Love,mercy and Blessings. Guide me Ooh lord. AMEN. #Goodlyfe #gudtimes #familytime”



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