Nairobi, Kenya: Members of the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) have been urged to explain to opposition supporters on the need for Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero to cooperate with both sides of the political divide for the sake of development in the City.

In a raft of proposals being made by the city governor’s advisors, proper understanding of the uniqueness of the capital city as host to the seat of power and other multinationals would defuse tension between CORD supporters and Kidero.

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His Political Advisor Festo Fadamula argues that the occasion of CORD leader Raila Odinga’s homecoming rally at Uhuru Park would have presented a rare opportunity for CORD to confirm to their political foes that they are a potent force firmly in charge of Kenya’s capital city rather than to just ridicule and jeer him.

“The hecklers squandered this golden opportunity that effectively erased the message the former Prime Minister had delivered for that day, leaving purported ‘hostility’ toward the Nairobi Governor to stick out like a colossus,” said Fadamula.

Kidero was later to be cheered when he made a brief address during Madaraka day celebrations in which he emphasised that he will continue to work with the President not only because the law provides for such a relationship, but that it is the right thing to do for CORD and the nation.

The Urban Areas and Cities Act No. 13 of 2011 Section 6 (5), envisages a scenario where the National Government and the Nairobi County must enter into an agreement on how to work together especially in the capital which is primarily, cosmopolitan.

“Leaders must project an image of a united country, not only, when serving Kenyans, but in their general effort to espouse Kenya as an attractive destination,” said Fadamula.

Kidero who controls Kenya’s Capital City that generates at least 60 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been at a warpath with CORD members over his association with Jubilee administration.

“We can either accept that no Governor can serve Nairobi in isolation of the National Government and begin to fully support Dr. Kidero, or we can carry on with our slide into an amoral abyss of degenerate politics. In the end CORD will blame itself,” added Fadamula.

He is now accusing the party of failing to condemn the embarrassing incident, a situation he says was a smack of a well-calculated scheme to paint him as a half-hearted CORD faithful.

“In politics, the incident could not have been accidental. It is well known that a few CORD leaders have openly expressed interest in Nairobi Governorship and keep blaming the Kidero for his association with the National Government. Working with the national government is not a choice for any Nairobi Governor serving the City but an unavoidable duty,” added Fadamula.

According to Fadamula, a section of CORD leaders are uncomfortable by the emerging fact that the Governor is still popular among the coalition’s supporters contrary to common perception that he had lost touch on the electorate.

Kidero has warned CORD to jealously guard the Nairobi gubernatorial because of its strategic interests and has accused his colleagues in CORD of not joining him in explaining his working with the Jubilee Government.

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