Sonko Seeks Court Ban for Political Rallies

Nairobi County Senator Mike Sonko will move to court to stop all political rallies that are organized by political alliance in the country. Speaking during Kwale High School celebration for being ranked among national schools, Sonko said that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga together with Jubilee and other CORD members should be arrested for incitement.

Sonko also said that no political rallies should be held until the country has peace and political tension subsides. “No more rallies of inciting Kenyans should be held until tension between some tribes is not there” the Nairobi senator said.

Sonko urged the youth to be peaceful and shun leaders that try to incite them for their own political interest adding that Kenyans must love each other.

The Senator said that the post violence of 2007-2008 was a result of mass action by some leaders and should be avoided since it is the poor citizens who are most affected.

“The same people who called for mass action in 2007 have called it again but they will not be affected in case there is chaos in the country because they have security like me,” Sonko said.

The senator said that the country is bigger than anyone and leaders should not sit and watch Kenyan lives being dangered. Sonko added that the Director of Public prosecution and the Inspector General of police should arrest all leaders from Jubilee or Cord alliance who incite Kenyans against each other.

“Let there be no exception of leaders because of their status even Raila Odinga should be arrested. Their charge sheet must be ready by now,” Sonko said.

During the ceremony Sonko also took issue with Raila for his continuing threats to President Uhuru Kenyatta by giving example of other countries that have had revolution saying that such is not good for the country.

He said that the President’s administration is ready to dialogue with CORD on matters affecting Kenyans through respective channels with no use of insults.

“We are not against dialogue with the opposition but criticize the government through the right ways. Bad politics will not take this country forward,” said the Nairobi senator.

Sonko concluded by saying, “If it’s corruption Odinga, Johnston Muthama, and Moses Wetangula have issues of corruption.” On insecurity Sonko said, “Al shabaab started hitting Kenyans during Daniel Moi era, Mwai Kibaki and now Uhuru, they were given IDs while Otieno Kajwang was the minister of immigration, and the issue of corruption or insecurity should be a big agenda since Raila Odinga has had issues of Molases during his five year term in the coalition government.” Present at the ceremony was Governor Salim Mvurya, his executive members, KNUT officials, teachers and various schools.

-The Star

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