Texting Rules for Guys-But Ukiachwa ujipange


*If she takes 2 minutes to reply, take 4.

*If she replies with a one letter word, DO NOT REPLY!

*If she only texts you when you are completely sure she is bored,delete her number.

*If she texts you “Mambo,aki nimeboeka”, forward that text to her dad

*If she sends you one word texts, go silent till she learns how to maintain a conversation.

*If she only texts you to ask for favours,block her number as well.

*If she texts you “haha” “hehe” “sawa” “ok” and those other silly irritating words, call it a day. Well, unless she starts a new story line. And finally,

*If she is the type that texts”Xaxa xwity. Walai nimekumixx” BUY HER A DICTIONARY FOR HER BIRTHDAY!!! or VALs!!!


I’m not liable to any problems caused as a result of practicing the above. Do it at your own risk.

Ukiachwa, ujipange!!!!!

– Courtesy


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