Makau Mutua accused of lying in US Court


A Kenyan law professor based in US has been accused of committing perjury in an American court.

Makau Mutua, a human and civil rights activist, has been accused of lying in court.

He is sued for allegedly irregularly laying off Jeffrey Malkan, a lecturer at Buffalo Law School where Mutua is a Dean.

Malkan claims that during Mutua’s testimony in PERB, Mutua lied under oath about the events leading up to his removal as director of LRW.

“Makau Mutua testified to the promotion of tenure committee, which is the entire tenured faculty, that back when I was promoted to full clinical professor on April 28, 2006, that they voted to terminate my employment on one year’s notice, and that was a lie,” Malkan said.

“He gave his testimony on March 31, and on cross examination by the union attorney on April 1. This is prepared, premeditated testimony. The dean of the law school went into court and committed perjury.”

In this letter, Malkan alleged: “Makau Mutua gave false testimony under oath pertaining to a material fact in the case, specifically, the faculty’s approval of my reappointment to . .. the rank of full clinical professor.” In support of his allegations, Malkan included excerpts of Mutua’s PERB testimony as well as emails he received from former Law School professor Markus Dubber, who attended the CCPR meeting, and former Law School Dean Nils Olsen (“Olsen”), who did not.

“False testimony stains the legal process and the judicial system. It strips legal legitimacy of their integrity and undermines their standing in the community by inhibiting their capacity to render justice,” the lawyers say.

The case is before the United States District Court in the Western District of New York.

– The Star

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