MPs propose law to protect Kenyans working in Middle East


A Bill to protect Kenyans working in the Middle East from being mistreated by their employers is in the pipeline.

Kabete MP George Muchai and Kiambu County Women Representative Anna Nyokabi say they will use the Labour and Foreign Affairs parliamentary select committees to push the proposed legislation through.

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The two leaders were speaking during the viewing of the body of Ms Eunice Wanjiku, 38, who was allegedly murdered by her employer in Saudi Arabia.

Ms Wanjuku’s body remained in Saudi Arabia for nearly three years and was marked as that of an unidentified person.

Her distraught parents called on the governments of Kenya and Saudi Arabia to investigate what exactly happened to their daughter.


“For years we wondered what had happened to our daughter. We grieved over not knowing whether she was dead or alive.

“We want to know the truth of what led to the death of our daughter. There are suspicions that she was strangled to death by her employer,” said Mr Chege, her father.

Mr Muchai said their Labour committee had drafted a Bill that, among other things, affects foreign contractors who employ Kenyans.

“The Bill will ensure that before any Kenyan travels out of the country to work, his or her salary is known, the type of job clear and the employer is documented,” Mr Muchai said.

He asked Kenyans to try to look for jobs in Kenya before seeking to fly out of the country.

Ms Nyokabi claimed few Kenyans working in Saudi Arabia had anything positive to say about Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz’s kingdom.

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