Home wreckers put on notice as new Facebook group exposes Kenyan Mpango wa Kandos


homewreckers291014After causing much flurry on Facebook, the Deadbeat Kenya group vanished a few weeks ago. And just when the ‘marriage/relationship transgressors’ thought they could breathe easy, another group was formed two days ago.

Home wreckers – MWK is the name it’s going by and the man behind it, Jackson Njeru, is the same man behind the infamous Deadbeat Kenya.

This group is aimed at exposing home wreckers in the form of Mpango wa Kando (MWK). Kenyans’ insatiable thirst for drama and gossip is the reason the group has already amassed over 9,000 members in just 2 days!

While the deadbeat group had numerous updates exposing men and women who had neglected their kids, this MWK page only has one expose so far. The other updates are more of people trying to stir up discussions about Mpango wa Kandos

One member even had to ask whether the group was to expose MWKs or to unite the MWKs.

Another member was quick to comment that she came for the drama but she is highly disappointed.

Whether this group will garner as much attention as the previous group is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, the Deadbeat Kenya founder created a parallel page called DeadBeat Kenya Updates which has clocked an impressive 100,000 likes. This is used to share content from the website Deadbeatnews.com.


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