Soft drink:Senior cop poisoned in Nairobi


DEPUTY Nairobi police boss Moses Ombati is fighting for his life after he was poisoned by unidentified people.

Ombati was moved to the Nairobi Hospital’s High Dependency Unit yesterday after his situation got worse.

Ombati, the Deputy Nairobi County Commander, was rushed to a hospital in South B after taking a soft drink at a popular shopping centre in the area Friday night. He had been served a glass of juice.

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He was later transferred to Nairobi Hospital after his mouth and face started swelling.

Initial reports indicate that Ombati met a group of people at the shopping complex and was served juice. It is not known what the other people with him were served, but, shortly thereafter, the police boss started having difficulty breathing and his mouth and whole face began swelling.

Police have began investigations into the incident and have collected samples from the restaurant which have been taken to the Government Chemist for analysis. Who wanted to poison the police boss and for what reason remains a huge mystery.

Detectives also want the people who were with Ombati for interrogation and to record statements.

“It is true that the Deputy Nairobi County Commander is in hospital for what is suspected to be poisoning. Investigations into the incident have began to establish what happened and who might have done it,” a senior police officer privy to the investigations but who sought anonymity because of the case’s sensitivity said.



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