MAKUENI Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior has sensationally claimed that his father, the late Senator Mutula Kilonzo, was poisoned.

Mutula Jnr told journalists yesterday that the excessive bleeding witnessed in Mutula Snr’s internal organs was triggered by a poisonous substance he may have ingested.

However, he did not name the substance.

Mutula Jnr made the claims after he recorded a statement with the police over recent allegations that body specimens from his late father’s postmortem examination were tampered with while in transit to Britain.

“I have no doubts with the findings of Dr Ian Cadillac, which are similar to those of Government Pathologist Johannes Odour, that my father died of excessive bleeding,” he said.

However, the senator noted that the findings maybe wrong, due to what he described as “unsuitable samples”.

He went on: “Over a hundred samples were taken and I had requested that they be kept in different places. What has forced me to call for investigations is the basis on which his body samples ended up in one package while in transit to the UK.”

He said as a result the UK pathologist, Dr Cadillac, had compiled a report on the death but declined to sign the document to protest the alleged interference with the specimens.

The family had recently written to Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko to complain about the tampering with the specimens.

Tobiko then directed the younger Mutula to record a statement with the CID.

Yesterday, Junior hinted that the couriers who transported the specimens to the UK may have tampered with them.

He said he did not expect new investigations to introduce major changes in the findings by the pathologists, as the cause of death was not in dispute.

A senior officer at CID headquarters said the complaint by Junior was being treated as a separate issue from the father’s death.

Police had earlier disclosed they intended to investigate Junior over allegations that he had tampered with the scene at Maanzoni, where the father was found dead. Junior denied the allegations and the police have yet to officially open such investigations.

Government Pathologist Oduor on October 19 presented his report to the CID, stating that Mutula had acute internal bleeding.

At the time Oduor did not categorically say what caused Mutula to suffer the massive bleeding in his internal organs.


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