Terrible! Hollywood Unapologetically Mocks Kenya


Eye In the Sky (the movie about Eastleigh) is a thriller film which features a drone warfare in Nairobi; a drone is being used to target a group of terrorist who plan to carry out a suicide attack.

Generally, Kenyans ought to be happy Hollywood is releasing a movie about Eastleigh, right? Wrong! Actually Hollywood has snubbed Kenya and decided to shoot the film in South Africa.

So why create a movie about Kenya and go shoot it in South Africa? This is not even the first time Hollywood has done this. If you can recall a movie dubbed The Ghost And The Darkness (a fictionalized account about the two lions that attacked and killed workers at Tsavo during the building of the Kenya-Uganda Railway in 1898.), Hollywood shot it at Songimvelo Game Reserve in South Africa, rather than Kenya.

Anyway, the movie will hit the cinema screens soon (date not released). Sure I will be very interested to watch it.


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