5 Types Of Kenyans That Should Be Banned From Facebook


There’s a group of Kenyans that make me not want to look at my news feed on Facebook whenever I log in. Fact is, a status update is annoying if it primarily serves the person who wrote it and does nothing positive for anyone reading it. The following groups of kenyans should give us a break because they are ruining our social media experience..

Kenyans who post “Thanks for the add”

Or “Thanx fi di +” or “Thank you so very much for accepting me as your friend.” Really? Kwani ni kazi umepewa? It’s pretty foolish and unnecessary. Most people don’t like posts of strangers on their walls. Personally I delete them immediately I see them. That’s after frowning and cursing. Dear guys who do that, a chic isn’t going to like you just because you posted on her wall. Kindly grow up.

Men who harass chics with endless inbox messages

Control your thirst. If Facebook was keen on sexual harassment, very many guys would be in jail right now. Some ninjas just can’t stop. They inbox random ladies with so much vigour like that’s what they were brought on planet earth to do. A guy sends 10 messages without getting a reply but he still continues. Calm your balls and figure out appropriate ways to approach chics. Random Inbox messages only make you look perverted

Chics who post, ‘I am in town, who wants to hook up?”

Or ‘I am in town, who wants to buy me lunch?’ and blab bla. Bish, get a life. No one is interested in hooking up with you or buying you lunch.. You are not Marylin Monroe. Neither are you Ketty Perry. Ule watchman wa kofia wa pale Stanley hukua town kila siku na hasumbuangi watu. Some of us go to New York, Johannesburg and London every time but we never ask the people there to come hook up with us in town.

People who chat about personal stuff via wall posts or comment boxes.

This mostly applies to lovers. We don’t need to know what you feel about each other or what you are going to do next. Discuss those things privately. In fact, these are the same people who go about writing paragraphs full of philosophical messages after they get dumped

Kenyans who keep posting photos of their babies all the time

Give the child some time to grow up first before you start sharing pictures with everyone. We understand that you are excited about having a baby and all that but trust me, no one wants to see baby photos unless it’s Kim Kardashian who has given birth.


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