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Hilarious Reactions From Uhuru’s State Of The Nation Address

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Uhuru-Kenyatta-State-Of-The-NationYesterday President Uhuru Kenyatta addressed the country through  a lengthy speech that he read at the parliament in regard to the current state of the nation.

After apologizing to the citizens for having failed them one some of presidential responsibilities, the straight talking Head of State boldly spoke against all incidences of corruption that are alleged to be happening during the reign of his government.

The President even called on the graft suspects named in EACC’s report, to leave their offices with immediate effect in order to give room for independent investigations to take place.

Theses orders by Mr. Kenyatta to have the corrupt officials resign, has elicited lots of reactions from KOT who have since the delivery of the speech been tweeting out their opinions to all what the president said.

Below is a collection of some the tweets in response to the much anticipated State Of The Nation speech.

#StateOfTheNation 1
#StateOfTheNation 2
#StateOfTheNation 3
#StateOfTheNation 4
#StateOfTheNation 5
#StateOfTheNation 6
#StateOfTheNation 7
#StateOfTheNation 8
#StateOfTheNation 9
#StateOfTheNation 10
#StateOfTheNation 11
#StateOfTheNation 12
#StateOfTheNation 13
#StateOfTheNation 14
#StateOfTheNation 15
#StateOfTheNation 16
#StateOfTheNation 17
#StateOfTheNation 18
#StateOfTheNation 19
#StateOfTheNation 20
#StateOfTheNation 21
#StateOfTheNation 22
#StateOfTheNation 23
#StateOfTheNation 24



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