Speaker Muturi approves censure motion against him


National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has approved a censure motion against him sponsored by Kibwezi West MP Patrick Musimba.

In the motion seen by the Nation, Dr Musimba wants MPs given an opportunity to discuss their Speaker’s conduct and to censure him.

Dr Musimba is expected to officially notify his colleagues in the National Assembly of his intention to move (initiate the discussion) his motion in the afternoon on Thursday.

He says Mr Muturi “has and continues to degrade the character and the ability of the Honourable Members of this august House through making of contemptuous malicious and unfounded allegations against them.”

“Aware that the said allegations have eroded the collective dignity, esteem and honour of Members of Parliament in and out of the House, concerned that the Speaker in so doing has failed in his constitutional duty to protect the dignity, honour and integrity of Parliament,” he adds.

“This House expresses its displeasure and disappointment in the conduct of the Speaker and censures him,” Dr Musimba’s motion concludes.

House rules state that MPs have to be given three days’ notice before the motion can be debated, meaning that if Dr Musimba gives notice of his motion later on Thursday, the motion is likely to be debated any day from next Tuesday.

A censure motion would give the MPs an opportunity to discuss Mr Muturi, in his absence but on the record of the House, but would not result in his removal from office.


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