Kenya closed down 13 Somali hawalas


Militants of al Shabaab train with weapons on a street in the outskirts of MogadishuThe government of Kenya has ordered the immediate closure of 13 Somali Hawalas informal money transfer. The government has accused the Somali Hawalas of funding Al Shabaab terror activities.

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Kenya intelligence said hawalas system through which millions of shillings are moved around the world is daily being used to fund Al Shabaab terror activities in the country.

The government has also frozen 86 individual accounts who are suspected of financing Al Shabaab.

The government also suspended 13 Forex exchange bureau working in the country.

According Kenya government, these are measures that government is taking to paralyze local terror networks.

Here is the list of 13 Hawalas closed by Kenyan government

Amal Money Transfer

Dahabshil Money Tarnsfer

Tawakal Money Transfer

Bakaal Money Tranfer

Jubba Express Money Transfer

Iftiin Money Transfer

Hodan Global Money Transfer

Amana Money Transfer

Kaah Money Transfer

Continental Money Transfer

Kendy Money Transfer

Flex Money Transfer

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