“No!” Can Be And Should Be An Acceptable Answer!

If ‘No’ can be an acceptable answer, then why are we always saying “yes”?

Let me begin with a few personal questions. Do you feel rushed most of the time? Is it possible that you are to busy? If you were to tell the truth about your life what would you say about it? Would you say that you’re too busy or too tired or too rushed? Would you say that you’re always in a hurry? If so, why do you keep saying yes to more things people ask you to do or get involved in?

I know a little something about this subject. I once was a pastor of a local church and was always thinking up great ideas of how we as a church could be more influential in our community (truthfully, how we could grow bigger and look better). Looking back… it really was more about me appearing successful among my peers, and being more accepted in the community.

In order to accomplish this I needed more people helping me do more things to get the attention of a lot more people. I had no problem in soliciting more people to get more involved. Notice how many times I have used the word more. When a driven person asks others to help – and their answer is no, we simply register it as a maybe. We make a mental note and then ask them again the next day.

By the way, the church is not the only one seeking volunteers. Just about everywhere you turn today someone is asking you to get involved and help with their favorite cause. If it’s not the church, it’s the school (selling candy for your kids), the community, or maybe a political party. All of these may be a valid cause. My question is: Does that mean you are to be a part?

Let’s face it, our culture is a fast paced – keep busy – and on the go culture.

Having thought about the culture, now think about your character. Your character is about who you are. It’s good from time to time to ask ourselves the question, “Who have we become as a result of our culture?” If we’re honest we realize that we’ve become preoccupied with trying to do more stuff in less amount of time. Also, we have become people who don’t have time for deep, genuine and authentic relationships. We’ve become so filled with noise that we can’t stand it when it’s quiet. We’ve become people who think busyness is synonymous with success.

Of course it doesn’t have to be this way, but so often the culture so affects our character that there is chaos in our lives evidenced by clutter all around us. Look at your desk, or in your closet or your garage. I just stepped in from my garage so I know what I am talking about. It needs attention. Don’t get mad at me for being honest. You noticed I included myself in all of this.

I am working on my own pile of clutter. But I have seen it go from being a mountain to just a hill.

We need to declare war on ‘hurry’ and ‘busy’.

By Ron Corzine-roncorzine.com

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