Amani National Congress my new vehicle, says Mudavadi


MudavadiThe newly formed Amani National Congress party will embark on a membership drive ahead of its launch later in the year.

Amani Coalition leader Musalia Mudavadi, who has indicated that he will contest for the presidency in the next election, Sunday said he wanted to grow the ANC into a formidable party capable of fighting it out with Cord and Jubilee coalitions.

Mr Mudavadi explained to the Nation why he moved from the United Democratic Front, which joined forces with Ford Kenya and Kanu in the 2013 General Election.
He said the decision was largely informed by the feeling of a majority of his supporters that it would be hard to sell UDF, due to the “errant behaviour” of some its members.
UDF has been embroiled in wrangles, to the point of Mr Mudavadi saying external forces were attempting to cripple it.

“UDF supporters have been very disappointed with the behaviour of some members and that is why they have been pushing for ANC,” he said.

ANC’s formation followed a series of consultative and strategic meetings touching on rebranding of UDF, following discipline issue and claims of sabotage.

Senators Boni Khalwale (Kakamega), Martha Wangare (Nominated) and MP Hassan Aden Osman are some of those who were at the centre of the UDF controversy. They were expelled for alleged misconduct.

Mr Mudavadi said ANC allows affiliation with other parties. Mr Mudavadi said the intention was to make ANC popular and appealing at the grassroots.
“We are planning recruitment and promotional activities in different parts of the country before the formal launch,” he said.

The Nation learnt that a decision was made to retain the Amani name based on its popularity in the last election.
The argument was that supporters identified with the Amani slogan used in the 2013 elections.

Mr Mudavadi told the Nation that the formation of the party was a result of months of reflection on the results of the 2013 polls and subsequent events.

Last Tuesday, Mr Mudavadi dismissed Jubilee and Cord as incompetent and hypocritical, stating that ANC would be the best choice for Kenyans in the next elections.

In a meeting with MCAs, the former Deputy Prime Minister said unlike 2013 when the Amani Coalition became active just six months to the election, popularisation of the party early enough would tilt the balance when Kenyans head to the elections.

He said he would hold consultative meetings with supporters across the country and that this would go on until 2017.

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