Going to Kenya is a Dumb Idea Mr. President Obama?

Politico posted this headline on the coming visit of United States President to Kenya. Really?


American Scholars vent over everything from smoking weed to drinking coffee. On this issue, the scholar has erred in two ways.

1. His argument has no logical sense.

2. If president Obama does not visit Kenya while president, he might as well say goodbye to any credibility and respect Kenyans have for him! The president understands Kenyans, his blood and DNA are from the lake region and he knows, he needs to give Kenyans a chance to declare again that they do not just run marathons (no matter how noble), they are the smartest brains to walk on the face of the earth, and still going! Of all the nations of the earth, God chose Kenyan DNA to be the atonement for slavery.

God has a sense of humor! The continent from where slaves were bought: The continent that for centuries was classified ,’dark continent.’ The peoples that many westerners call ‘monkeys’: The people who suffer the most discrimination financially, politically, socially, and progressively, were appointed to sit at the top of worlds powers. This, to declare that it is not man who rules the earth.

That within the powers unseen, it is the hand of the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Ishmael whose purpose and prophetic WORD declares, “I AM”.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) HTBluff Associates. An EMG Consortium. #HTBluff. Diaspora Messenger Columnist

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