Revealed : The Lady Who Recruited Floviance Owino Into The Drug Syndivate


Revealed : The Lady Who Recruited Floviance Owino Into The Drug Syndivate
Revealed : The Lady Who Recruited Floviance Owino Into The Drug SyndivateWho Gave Ms Owino the Drug package ? Need a Clue …There We Go …
A Kenyan is set to be hanged in China more than 10,000KM Away from Kenya. The Kenyan Ministry of foreign affairs says it is too late. We want her to be brought back to Kenya and Judged here, using the Kenyan law.

How many of our elephants have the Chinese Killed ? Howe many Mega Scandals are the Chinese Companies involved in . Today, Many of the Jubilee Projects have stalled because of Corruption involving the Chinese Companies.

It is wrong for the Ministry of Foreign affairs to say that it is too late, Ms Owino was illegally Judged and sentenced. Neither his family nor the KE Government was aware. This amounts to disrespect and mockery to the Kenyan People.

If you look at all my arguments, I have insisted that she should be Judged here in Kenya, It would be better to be jailed for life than being executed through lethal Injection in a foreign country that has a flawed Legal process when it comes to drug trafficking.

Who sent Ms Owino with the drug package ? The people who sent her are known and they are praying that she is executed so that the truth will never be known . The Syndicate consists of an influential politician and an artist. When Ms Owino disappeared, she called her family and said she was with a friend called Sharon. This Sharon is well known and protected by the politician and artist . If Ms Owino is Hanged, Sharon will still Keep recruiting and taking advantage of Young poor Kenyans.

Ms Owino was given the drugs by a Lady called Sharon Adhiambo. Sharon Adhiambo, who is currently in China has been recruiting young Kenyans to the Syndicate with no consequences and with impunity .

She became notorious to a point that she was arrested by Kenyan security officials but was released after bribing her way out. She then  ran away to China where she currently resides. According to many people, She tells them that she deals in textiles from China . She is the main recruiter and if not arrested, many young Kenyans  who are lured into the business will keep being executed in China.

Sharon is Married to A Nigerian and used to live in Pipeline before moving to China. We call on the Kenyan Government to work together with Chinese authorities to arrest this dangerous criminal . according TO REPORTS, SHE HAS RECRUITED MANY PEOPLE that we will name soon .She promises them good life   Here are some oh her photos. This is a series , I will expose the politician involved and the artist , just collecting some facts



Revealed : The Lady Who Recruited Floviance Owino Into The Drug Syndivate

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