Chase Bank Roundtable Episode Two: Chase Bank iHub innovation

Chase Bank Roundtable Episode Two: Chase Bank iHub innovation

Chase Bank Roundtable Episode Two: Chase Bank iHub innovationThe second series Chase Bank iHub innovation on Fintech Roundtable happened on Thursday, 11th June 2015. Held at the iHub – the home of tech in Nairobi, it offered once again an opportunity to explore emerging opportunities in Fintech, as well as related challenges that can be overcome through use of technology.


EXPLORING ALL POSSIBILITIES. Participants had a free flow of thought discussing everything from bitcoin to finance 101 – if you forgot what business risk and credit risk were, here was an interesting place to be reminded of this.

DIFFERENCES THAT CREATE OPPORTUNITY. Most importantly, the tech community realized the great difference in both sectors – while banking was a highly regulated sector, the tech space by its very nature could not be one if it was regulated.

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. This difference in environment means that the tech community here can play a great role in creating and supporting products, processes and services that make the bank be able to live up to its mission, “Enabling people to achieve the things that matter to them” and to make it an industry leader in innovative products and internal efficiency.

Really looking forward to Episode Three. If you are working on a product that supports simplifying transactions and enabling trade you should be excited too. Get in touch with [email protected] and see if you can join the sessions while we are still in Season One.

This post was first published on Community, a blog run by iHub.

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