I lost my younger sister to cancer, colon cancer. She was just 21. It is sad, of course, and heartbreaking.

What pains me more however is the fact that other young lives are being lost in the same line, cancer. Pointing fingers, unfortunately, solves no problem; but action. Something can be done, and has to be done, to save other lives from cancer.

  1. The Kenyan government, through the ministry of health, should be on the forefront of fighting this by ensuring all preventive measures are taken. Upgrade the medical system. Borrow a leaf from what is happening to infrastructure. The best contractors are being sought after from all over the world, especially China, to beautify the country. Do the same with medicine.  Get the best equipment, treatment, and even doctors to save lives. Not every citizen can afford to go overseas for treatment or visit private hospitals, needless to say. Cancer centers could however be planted, and be made freely accessible to the whole nation. We dream of a better country, good infrastructure, the list goes on; but this will only be achieved by healthy citizens. Health therefore, must be our number one concern. Cancer will not be fought by words, but by practical solutions. Yes, God will help us, hence the need to cooperate with Him; save lives from cancer deaths!
  2. The Kenyan spirit, the Harambee spirit, is one I highly esteem. Kenyans for Kenyans, what a move! The results of us coming together when need be is just incredible. Thinking in the same line, this spirit could be harnessed to bring about change in the fight against cancer.
  3. Kenyans value life, and together we have helped save lives.  What if, instead of waiting for a call to save a life; a onetime saving be done for a hundred more lives? This is what I mean.  We want to fight cancer. We are tired of preventable deaths. We don’t have to wait for the government when we can do something about it. Kenyans can come together and help build a cancer center. Kenyans can come together and help purchase necessary equipment for cancer treatment. We, Kenyans, can save thousands of lives if we commit to it.  It is possible. If we have done it for one, we can do it for a million.  Just like we raised funds for #Jadudi, and tried our best for #Ezra(may he R.I.P), we can do even better in creating a lasting solution. In so doing, we’ll be happy to say that we took part in nation building, by saving the lives of the future nation builders.


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Let’s do it!

By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor/Moderator-DM News Media Forum


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