Jubilee, Cord reckless on ‘ICC fixing’ debate, says Mudavadi

Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi has asked Jubilee and CORD to stop engaging in the “ICC Ruto fixing” debate.

Mudavadi warned that the incessant talk over Deputy President’s William Ruto ICC cases was gradually inflaming tribal and political tensions akin to the ones which preceded 2007/8 post-election violence.

Speaking in Voi during the opening of Interim County and sub-county ANC offices on Saturday, Mudavadi said Jubilee and CORD should immediately halt the debate which is gradually polarizing the country along tribal and party lines.

He condemned both coalitions for their reckless talk over the “ICC fixing” matter adding that the two coalitions were oblivious of the danger the debate posed for the future well- being of the country.

Mudavadi termed the “fixing” debate as a non-issue.

He stated that the country had more important issues to fix and called on Kenyans to stop entertaining such ‘buffoonery” from a few elected leaders.

“CORD and Jubilee should completely disengage from this ICC “fixing” debate which is completely misplaced. The only “fexin” issues we should be debating as a country are widespread unemployment, poor roads and a wanting health sector,” he said.

Mudavadi warned that the 2007 post-election blood-letting was as a result of tensions created by reckless political talk.

He demanded that CORD and Jubilee show political maturity and desist from engaging in talks that divided rather than united Kenyans.

“Jubilee and CORD are political binary opposites. They have adopted extreme stances over everything and cannot reason together. Only moderate voices can save this country,” he said.

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