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As a founder and Chancellor of ANCCI University, I am deeply moved with compassion to hear that the Commission for University Education has ordered the closure of 10 satellite campuses of Kisii University with over 5000 students. And according to the University’s deputy Vice Chancellor, the CUE “the commission has not officially communicated its decision” to the University. The University heard about the closure in the news. “We are hearing this this for the first time.” Said the deputy vice Chancellor. “The universities campuses identified for closure were given a 90-day notification period to wind up and relocate the students to accredited campuses.


The act of CUE raises more questions than answers: If Al Shabab caused one University to close, is CUE any better if it can close ten campuses? What is the most important things for the University, accrediting paper or the faculty and the student? While CUE judges by the facilities in the history of education, there are great students who studied in unaccredited institutions yet they are great scholars and community developers and builders of the Kingdom of God. The school which was started by Jesus Christ is the best example. He owned no building. He taught in the open air, in the housed, on the road. He was discredited by the then education elite. His student was judged for eating without watching their hands and for being just mere fishermen. Ye this small group of 12 have impacted the whole world.

How about ANCCI University. We are proud to say some of our students who graduated before the accreditation are doing great work in their respective countries. The one of our first graduate is now the Director of Revue Services in South Sudan. I graduated from St Paul’s University before it was accredited and I have taught for 38 years in Colleges and Universities and have written several books.

To this end, we are appealing to Kenya Government stop the closure of these campuses. Each of the students represent a family and he is the shining star and the great hope for the family. Please let not the hope of the poor be taken away. To the CUE do realized that unrealistic automaton may lead to civil disobediences. In words of Henry David Thoreau “That government is best which governs least”

Prof John Githiga

Chancellor, ANCCI University

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