Blow To Sakaja as CUE Officially Revokes Degree in Letter to IEBC


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University Education Commission revokes recognition of Sakaja's degree
Blow To Sakaja as CUE Officially Revokes Degree in Letter to IEBC

Nairobi Senator, Johnson Sakaja, has suffered a major blow in his quest to become the city’s fourth governor after the Commission for University Education (CUE) officially revoked the recognition of his degree from Team University, Uganda.

In a letter to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) chairman, Wafula Chebukati, CUE Chief Executive Officer, Mwenda Ntarangwi, stated that the Commission no longer recognises the Senator’s degree.

The Commission noted that it received written information from the public that implied that the Nairobi gubernatorial hopeful was never admitted to the Kampala-based university.

Ntarangwi, in his statement, noted that Sakaja did not mention that he attended Team University in Uganda while declaring interest in the senatorial seat in 2017.

“That in Sakaja Johnson Arthur’s official declaration in 2017, while vying for the position of Senator, he indicated that the only higher education qualification he held was a degree from the University of Nairobi. There was no declaration made pertaining to Team University, from which he now states that he had obtained a degree in 2016.”

“The University of Nairobi has since written to the Commission, confirming that whereas he enrolled for a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science in 2003, he did not complete his studies,” stated CUE.

The Commission further noted that it is not accountable for the authenticity of the certificate or the identity of the certificate holder presented for recognition and/or equation, adding that it has the right to revoke such recognition of a degree certificate.

“The Commission retains the right to revoke recognition of the award in the event that it establishes any reason that makes the award in question ineligible for recognition and/or equation.”

“Based on these findings, and in compliance with the provisions of Section 5 of The Universities Act, 2012, Part XI of The Universities Regulations, 2014, The Universities Standards and Guidelines, 2014 and the Standards for Recognition and Equation of Qualifications and granted the disclaimer in the certificate of recognition issued, the Commission has come to the inescapable decision that the purported degree certificate of Bachelor of Science in Management (External) is ineligible for recognition.”

CUE noted that it did not receive evidence from either the National Council for Higher Education in Uganda or Team University to prove that he had earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Management (External).

The commission further asserted that the failure of the senator to provide the evidence automatically proved that the degree certificate submitted was insufficient.

“At the conclusion of these investigations we have not received any evidence from NCHE, Team University or Sakaja that prove that Sakaja pursued studies at Team University and earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Management (External).”

“Failure to submit even the most basic evidence of study and the process of earning a degree inevitably renders the degree certificate submitted insufficient to prove that Sakaja studied either physically or through distance learning and that he holds an academic degree.”

The commission noted that Sakaja had the right to appeal the decision.




Blow To Sakaja as CUE Officially Revokes Degree in Letter to IEBC

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