Corridors Of Power: Individuals at City Hall in panic mode

KideroEven before the tribunal to investigate bribery claims against Supreme Court judge Philip Tunoi is formed, Corridors has it that sleuths are on the ground to establish where the Sh200 million said to have been given to the judge came from. Our tipster tells us the officers want to establish whether the city coffers were drained dry to fund the scheme and if so, who was involved? Some individuals at City Hall are already in panic mode.


It is no secret that thugs have taken a section of Haile Selassie Avenue by storm, thanks to the menace created by the chaotic matatus and supervised by traffic police at the scene. Of late, motorists and pedestrians have had to think of other routes after losing their valuables, as the situation on the road just outside Cooperative Bank House, at the roundabout that joins the road with Moi Avenue gets messy. Corridors has it that the operators collude with police to pick passengers right in the middle of the road everyday from 6.30pm and beyond. This gives the thugs the opportunity to pounce on passengers and pedestrians. When will the authorities come to the rescue of other road users?


Just who sanctioned hawkers to erect their tents in the CBD? Corridors understands that both sections of Moi Avenue from Ambassadeur Hotel all the way to Railways are jam-packed, making it extremely difficult for the real business owners and pedestrians to go about their chores. Police sources warn that other than making the city untidy, it is also fertile breeding ground for insecurity tendencies. It is just a matter of time before a serious incident happens. The area is classified by the city by-laws as CBD and out of bounds for hawkers.

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