Data Of How Okoa Kenya Signature Numbers Failed To Add up


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CORD LeadersHow the elimination process was carried out:The IEBC yesterday effectively shut down Cord’s plan to take Kenya to another Referendum.

A few months ago, Cord leaders submitted a total of 1.6 million signatures, well more than the 1 million required to call for a referendum.

The IEBC is allowed by the law 90 days to verify the signatures before proceeding to the next step. They exceeded that limit by several weeks.

When they finally gave their decision yesterday, it was a BIG NO to the Referendum plans.

According to a press release, the signatures submitted were taken through a rigorous process of quality checks, double entry and outright fakes before being brought down to less than a million.

Only 891,598 signatures were declared valid.

The following numbers explain how the elimination process was carried out.


Some supporters of the failed Okoa Kenya referendum drew funny animal images instead of appending their legitimate signatures, it has emerged.


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