Ruto and AlaiControversial blogger Robert Alai appears to have retracted and apologized for his tweets that were critical on deputy President William Ruto’s health.

Mr Alai had camped on Twitter for the better part of Thursday morning with claims on Mr Ruto’s alleged ill-health.

However, his posts were discredited after Mr Ruto appeared in Mandera mid-morning alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta to commence a 3-day development tour of the northern Kenya.

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Mr Ruto’s appearance touched off a barrage of tweets and messages to Mr Alai, with some people accusing the blogger of wishing the deputy President bad luck.

@ahmednasirlaw SC you mean I am evil? Please recant SC. I am just a messenger. @kipmurkomen

@RobertAlai @kipmurkomen not you but to wish someone like Bill, bad, is evil. U can dislike his politics but he is him..

After a brief hiatus from social media for a few hours, Mr Alai came back with what reads more like a retraction than an apology.

On his Facebook, he wrote: “I guess many of us were fooled. Some deleted their tweets so fast while I thought that it was the truth. All the over 800 threats and messages are not necessary. Some sound like war cry. But I am happy that the DP is fine. I hope that you are satisfied. Thanks.”

On Twitter, the blogger tried to absolve himself from blame in an exchange with lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi and Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen.

“I don’t wish him evil or death. I was given something I thought was credible info,” read one of his tweets.

“But I told you that you people don’t verify your info…and long term that destroys your credibility,” Mr Ahmenassir responded.

And this was Mr Alai’s response.

@RobertAlai @kipmurkomen but I told you that you people don’t verify your info…and long term that destroys your credibility.

@ahmednasirlaw What do I do when the person who is very senior and has been consistent for 6 years let me down? Tricky@kipmurkomen

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