Drama as Kidero, Sonko engage in physical fight at Senate

Drama as Kidero, Sonko engage in physical fight at Senate
Drama as Kidero, Sonko engage in physical fight at Senate

A Senate committee sitting was violently disrupted on Wednesday morning as Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and Senator Mike Sonko engaged in a physical fight.

The Committee on County Public Accounts and Investments abruptly adjourned the morning session after the two were separated, following a verbal exchange that quickly turned physical.

The two had to be separated as some county officers joined in the fight as the situation deteriorated.

It all began when Mr Sonko sought to present documents he claimed showed that the governor had grabbed private properties in the city and transferred them to himself and his wife.

Although committee chairman Anyang’ Nyong’o allowed him to present the documents, Mr Sonko continued verbally attacking the governor, who had remained controlled and unmoved as the tirade continued.

However, things became uglier when Prof Nyong’o called for a break and the two moved towards each other. At first, the senator only shouted at Dr Kidero, but when the governor began responding, they got physical.

“This county government has been taking away properties belonging to the people of Nairobi. They give fake demands of rates and then grab the property. They then kill the people. I have evidence to prove all these. I am ready to file an affidavit,” said Mr Sonko.

Journalists were thrown out as the drama ensued and the lawmakers tried to separate the two.

Before the brawl, Dr Kidero had asked for an adjournment, saying the sitting was disorderly and unable to fairly adjudicate on the audit report.

“I have been called a murderer and this is on record. I would like to respond. I would like to ask for an adjournment so that we come back when things are in order,” said Dr Kidero.

Before the fight, Mr Sonko had already engaged Nyamira Senator Kennedy Mong’are in another verbal exchange, which ended when other senators intervened.

Mr Sonko accused his colleague of being bribed in order to defend the governor when he appeared for questioning by the committee.

After Mr Sonko and Dr Kidero were separated, the governor rushed out of the building without addressing the media.

Mr Sonko, who remained agitated even after Dr Kidero had left, was led out of Parliament by orderlies.



Drama as Kidero, Sonko engage in physical fight at Senate

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