Raila Odinga: Warmonger Leading Kenya To The Abbys?


It saddens me to write this, but it has to be done. Full disclosure, I voted for Raila Odinga in 2013.

Even with the endless posts on social media reminding Kenyans what happened in Rwanda, Raila Odinga and his brigade still want to score cheap political points with the current hate speech issue.

When Moses Kuria made some statement interpreted to mean that he had called for the assassination of the former Prime Minister, we condemned him and joined other Kenyans calling for his arrest. There were small demos in parts of Nairobi and Kisumu and on Monday he was summoned to the DCI. It was a small victory for Kenya and future generations.

When Moses Kuria and other MPs were ordered locked up for 4 days, it was an even bigger victory for the peace and stability of this country. If VIPs so close to power can sleep on hard floor and eat ugali and cabbage, that should send a message to anyone (especially politicians) who may have any intention to preach hate.

Many headlines were written of how the MPs were being treated ‘inhumanely’ in the cells. How can they sleep on hard cold floors? The toilets are stinking dead. Visitors are not allowed apart from spouses and lawyers. The food is not fit for human consumption. Dirty drinking water. No change of clothes.

It makes me so bitter writing this, because if Raila and his boys wanted their colleagues to be treated better in the cells, they should have made Kenya better instead of looting our money. Unless they wanted Pangani Police Station to go out of its way to give the MPs different treatment from what ordinary Kenyans receive everyday.

Perhaps some outside catering from Safari Park, Serena can do the laundry and Excloosive can bring one or two of their portable toilets.

Raila and Joho at Pangani Police Station. Photo/Fb.com/RailaOdinga

What Raila and company called inhumane is basically what every Kenyan locked up for something as small as ‘drunk and disorderly’ goes through, but they wouldn’t know.

Yet, here are potential warlords; politicians shaking the foundations of this country, laying the groundwork for the massacre of thousands of Kenyans. And Raila has the audacity to demand their immediate release. Shamelessly, he even demanded the release of the same guy who had called for his assassination just 3 days ago.

That strikes you as a guy who is out to score very cheap political points at the expense of the country. I wish he was actually demanding for the release of all suspects at Pangani Police Station, not just the MPs, since he determined the conditions are inhumane. While at it, he should also consider visiting Central, Embakasi, Industrial area, Parklands and Buruburu for a start, and then spread his wings all over the country, to see how suspects are treated.

Raila and Kalonzo have been in government for so many years that if there’s anyone Junet Mohamed should blame for eating ugali and cabbage, it’s them.

Addressing the media outside the police station, the former PM issued a 24 hour ultimatum to release the MPs, failure to which dire consequences will follow.

Raila addresses media outside Pangani Police Station. Photo/Fb.com/RailaOdinga

Just the other day Cord was telling everyone how the courts allowed them to go on with their demos, demanding that the government follows the directive. Well, the court decision was favorable then, but this week it was a different story.

When Raila demands the immediate release of suspects locked up by the court, failure to which bad things will follow, it says a lot about his respect for institutions.

Later in the evening, this is what he posted on Facebook.


By now, everyone but Raila has seen the direction weekly demos are taking this country. People are being killed in Kisumu every other week in the name of Baba, while property is being destroyed right, left and centre. And we’re still more than 1 year away from the election.

Raila threatens to pull out of the IEBC dialogue that was slowly starting to take shape. Clearly, Raila is not interested in any talking. If you can kick your wife out at the slightest disagreement, you did not love her in the first place.

Raila would prefer a situation where Jubilee refuses to play ball, so that he can have more of those weekly demos, destabilize the country and then come to table when Jubilee is out of options and ready to give him anything.

The Cord leader then says they’ll declare the MPs as ‘Political Prisoners’.

Goodness me! The war is over Mr. Odinga. Political prisoners were in the Moi era and now we’re enjoying the fruits.

I think the word you’re looking for is ‘hate mongers’.

And assuming some of them, as you say, are innocent, that is not up to you to decide. There’s a whole arm called the Judiciary that does that work.

On your prayer rally, I don’t have anything to say. I’m sure God has seen worse.

All in all, Raila should look at himself in the mirror and ask himself whether he wants to be the reason this country goes to the dogs.

When we finally decide to slaughter each other because Baba led us there, lets remember Kikuyu, Luos and Kalenjins will be in the same refugee camp, drinking the same sewage water and using similar sacks as shelter. These will be the lucky ones. The others might be already dead.

Meanwhile, Magufuli might host his good friend Raila, as Uhuru retires at his home in London.

I can say with a lot of certainty that this post has not changed anyone’s opinion. Those who support Raila support him even more now, while the opposite is also true. But we don’t want to be accused of not trying to save our country from warmongers, and truth be told, Raila is the biggest.

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