VIDEO: Woman Dangerously Hides Under Bus to Escape Kanjo

kanjosA Nairobi hawker on Monday put her life in great danger when she hid under a bus after spotting County Inspectorate officers who were on a regular patrol in the Central Business District (CBD).

In a video capturing the moment, the onion seller is seen beneath the matatu weeping in fear as the conductor and driver plead with her to get out.

At first, she is hesitant to leave her safe haven but afterwards, abandons the spot while crying hysterically following a thorough convincing.

The middle-aged woman then sits by the roadside weeping as one of her colleagues pick the remainder of her livelihood that had scattered on the road.

The dreaded county askaris have always engaged city hawkers in running battles with the cat and mouse game at times ending in brutality and in extreme cases deaths.

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