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railas-visit-to-germanyThe ODM leader, Hon. Raila Odinga ended his three days visit to Germany on a high note on Saturday night in Frankfurt where he received a rousing welcome from a joyful crowd of Kenyans in the Diaspora.

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Accompanying Mr Odinga were 48 delegates, comprising three governors, MPs, business people and aspirants for political seats from a number of counties.
A pandemonium almost broke out when Raila and his Frankfurt host stepped into the hall from an emergency exit. The cry of baba baba reined the air as he took his seat in a hall decorated with DMD’s colours.
Once the audience calmed down the MC, Ms Koko Kay, a Kenyan finance expert in Frankfurt was called upon by the delegation spokesman, Peter Odoyo to take charge and next on the podium was Mr Ambros Auma, a key sponsor of the event, followed by KDA’s secretary before the ODM leader addressed Kenyans from different parts of Europe who made their way to Frankfurt.  
It was all celebrations when Masaai traditional dancers took the floor before leaving the podium for Raila amidst chants of baba, baba.
In his 20 minutes address, urging Kenyans to unite against the ills besetting the country Mr Odinga stunned his audience with his impeccable knowledge of the German language he spoke in before switching to English.  
After cutting the cake to commemorate the party’s tenth anniversary Mr Odinga took selfies with the jostling supporters without the usual security restraint – he at one point, walked up to DJs, Aisha and Buuchezo to make a special request for his favourite Ohangla tune to which the ecstatic crowd joined him on the floor, making more selfies with their merrymaker guest.
With aroma of the roast meat in the air the guests cleared the meat and other delicacies on the menu in a record time, leaving Mr. Kamau Kimani of Rafiki association is a quandary as demand for more got louder.
Mr Odinga acquiesced to the gesture of his handlers to leave the venue at midnight to go and prepare for their flight at 4 am, leaving the audience in a partying mood that stretched to 6am.  
By; Mickie Ojijo

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