Raila Invited to Join Uhuru, Ruto Tour


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raila_uhuruCORD leader Raila Odinga has been challenged to join President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto on County tours and State House Summits.

Extending the ‘olive branch’ to the former Prime Minister, State House Director of Digital Communication Dennis Itumbi noted that by joining the President in the tours, Odinga would have an opportunity to see the development achievements by the Jubilee government.

“In case Hon.Raila Odinga has not noticed – just a polite reminder – what President Uhuru and his Deputy William Ruto have been doing around the country…Maybe he would like to accompany The President and his Deputy next time and witness the transformation…we welcome him,” Itumbi posted.

“We also plan to invite him in future summits to ask and get answers directly from policy makers”.

The invitation was presumably in response to the ODM leader’s sentiments that the Jubilee government had failed to fulfil its election pledges.

“It is time the Jubilee government told Kenyans their performance record. They (Jubilee) have forgotten the 2012 election promises and are now busy unveiling the 2017 promises,” Mr Odinga told his supporters at a political rally in Kakamega rally.

President Uhuru is currently on a tour of Coast Counties and has visited Kwale, Kilifi, and MombasaCounties.

It is not clear if Mr Odinga will agree to the invitation.


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